Social Media: Dunked


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Social Media is one of these super weird disciplines where – if you’re at the right company? It’s awesome. It’s creative, nimble, respected and is intelligently integrated into an overall marketing strategy with concrete, deliverable goals. When it’s not done well? Well, it’s the worst.

This? This is done very, very well.


What I Love About It:

1. It’s orchestrated without being TOO scripted. The timestamps show a delay in responses, so it’s possible whomever did this had to get approval for it. This may have gone through some upper-level admin (legal, brand managers, etc.?) but it didn’t try to get the full, complete tagline in there, or include a coupon offer.

2. It’s to a real person, who presumably was caught unaware. No celebrity promo here. Just someone mentioning their favorite treats.

3. Whomever found the tweet and decided to respond obviously had the ear of not only whomever had to approve it, but also creative resources. Whether they were edited, or given free reign – this was done by a trusted marketing professional, on both sides. This is likely not an intern who is give some vague objective to “get more followers.”

4. It’s win-win-win. Sure, it looks like Oreo took this round, but Kit-Kat gets major points for the first volley, and for playfulness. And LauraEllen is a minor internet celebrity for all the right reasons. And — I bet you she gets some free chocolate! (a girl can dream…)


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