The Best Interview Question You Wish You Weren’t Asked


Any experienced interviewer or interviewee usually has a few in-the-pocket great questions to ask, or ones that they’ve rehearsed and prepared for (the infamous greatest flaw, to wit.) But sometimes, you come across an interview question that just throws you for a total loop. You stammer through it, hope that you will be hit with a flash of genius, or magically find the ability to use a “pass.” They’re also the kinds of questions that would make great dinner table conversations!

There aren’t any “right” answers of course, but even when you go home, and you think about all the things you should’ve/would’ve/could’ve said and … still nothing.

I came across a few of these recently. And I’m still not sure what I could’ve said that would have been both accurate and portrayed me in the light I’d want to be seen.  I’m also pretty sure I’ve mentally blocked out what were my real, not-so-hot answers.

How would you answer these questions?

  • Do you consider yourself a lucky person?
  • What belief do you have, that you think no one agrees with?

Would you be able to come up with a great answer, on the spot?


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