How To Pitch a Blogger


Bloggers get product and promo pitches from just about everyone. Most of the time? The pitches are really, really bad. As in – has nothing to do with the blog, calls people by the wrong name, or really, really, really oversells the product. You end up either deleting the emails, or messing with the sender.

And it’s a bummer. Because there are responsible, great people who really want to engage. Companies know that bloggers are a great way to get the word out, and a product or service into people’s hands. Today, I got a great pitch email and I wanted to share it with you.

The Pitch Email

Here’s what I received:

Dear Pale Nerd (Dear Pale? Dear Ms. Nerd?):
I’m writing to you because about a year and a half ago you wrote a very positive review of Allyson Beatrice’s Will The Vampire People Please Leave The Lobby?, a collection of essays on fandom, fundraisers, and the improbably enduring friendships and communities that can flourish between people who’ve never met face to face. As her editor, I want to alert you to the fact that Ms. Beatrice has just published her second book. In a surprising and satisfying left turn, she’s jumped into children’s fiction with The Amazing Adventures of Sam the Bat, a chapter book for ages 7-11 with a mix of photos and original illustrations by Eisner Award winner Dave Dorman, about the life of a Mexican Free-Tail bat named Sam, orphaned by an earthquake in the Sonora Desert, who travels around the world to find a way back home.

Like you, I enjoyed Vampire People tremendously, but I think Sam is even better. A completely different sort of book, but beautifully and entertainingly written and amply displaying Beatrice’s trademark combination of sharp wit and willingness to be bowled over by unexpected beauty and kindness.

If you think you’d like to review Sam, or could recommend a critic interested in YA and children’s lit who may be interested, more detailed information is available at

Here are the pre-press blurbs it’s gotten:

Sam the Bat is a delightful book that manages to at once teach children about a fascinating and greatly misunderstood species, while holding them under the spell of a touching – and often very funny – story with an appealing hero. I’m sorry I didn’t get to read it to my own children. – Peter S. Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn and Mirror Kingdoms

Sam’s story is a great introduction to the lives of bats around the world, and is a thrilling read. It’s a great challenge to imagine life through the eyes of a bat (I’ve tried), and Allyson Beatrice does so beautifully. Through Sam, Beatrice explores the kindness of strangers, the importance of friends, and the value of family. I would recommend this book to any young person curious about the world and the animals living in it. – Daniel K. Riskin, Assistant Professor of Biology at the City University of New York, and from Animal Planet’s Monsters Inside Me and Discovery Channel’s Curiosity

Beatrice has written a book that parents and grandparents will have to wrestle out of the hands of youngsters so that they can read it, too. Sam’s great adventure takes him from California to South America, Europe, Australia and beyond. He meets bats with no tails, bat as big as dogs, and even bats that scurry along the ground. He learns about fear and courage, love and longing, and like the little girl of the Oz story, he learns that your friends can be your greatest strength (and you can, too) and there truly is no place like home. The Amazing Adventures of Sam the Bat is a book in which the whole family can delight. – Sunny Solomon, Bookin’ With Sunny

As the editor I’m obviously more than a little biased, but I truly believe Sam is a terrific story that deserves a wide audience; I want everyone to love him as much as I do. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

What Makes This Pitch Great

  1. She bothered to  address me personally. She even used a little humor – that let me know it was personalized. Sure, my real name is somewhere on my blog, but that’s okay. She’s probably sending out a ton of these. I’m appreciative of the effort.
  2. The publicist/editor actually read the blog or the post that caught her attention.
  3. She considered the content of my blog. She even reminded me of a previous connection to her client.
  4. She gave clear instructions on follow up.
  5. She really sold the product. She gave reviews from other authors I love, as well as her personal opinion.
  6. It helps that she’s a solid writer.

I no longer blog about what I’m reading at Pale Nerd, and this book skews young for even a YA lover like me, but because of her great email, I’m happy to mention the new book (and the original one, which I enjoyed) on this blog.


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